Library card offers limitless reading entertainment, education — and it’s free!

Library card offers limitless reading entertainment, education — and it’s free!

by G. Robert Frazier

What if you could get access to thousands of books, hundreds of magazines, DVDs, CDs, and audiobooks throughout the year? For free.

You can. All you have to do is get a library card.

Chances are no matter what your age you’ll be able to find something to inspire, entertain, or inform you at your local library, says Donna Bebout, library director for the La Vergne (TN) Public Library.

La Vergne’s library currently includes:

  • 71,507 books, from adult fiction and nonfiction to children’s fiction and nonfiction
  • 336 periodicals, from magazines like Time and Sports Illustrated to your local newspaper
  • 2,198 DVDs
  • 2,124 music CDs and audiobooks
  • 6,889 eAudios and eBooks
  • Access to databases.

There’s power in this little card.

“A library card gives you the ability to come in, choose an adventure to go on or a place to visit,” Bebout says.

Bebout got her library card at age 5 in Murfreesboro. She most recently checked out and read Turtles All the Way Down by John Green.

The La Vergne library currently boasts 39,115 library card holders, but there’s always room for more. Patrons, whether they be children, adults or seniors, educators or students, checked out 57,597 items in the past year.

Registration for a library card only takes a few minutes and patrons can check out books immediately. All you need is proof of your current mailing address and a photo ID, such as your driver’s license, a utility bill, or checkbook. You’ll also need your phone number.

Parents or legal guardians who have a library card can also get library cards for their children ages 5 and up.

In addition to the vast selection of books and other items to choose from, library cards can also teach children important skills such as time management and responsibility for property. It’s a gift that keeps giving all year and will help foster a love for reading for a lifetime to come.


The La Vergne Public Library is located at 5063 Murfreesboro Road in La Vergne. For more information, call 615-793-7303.



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